February 22, 2019

    Five most popular sex dreams – and what they REALLY mean

    By / February 22, 2019

    HAVE you ever wondered what your sex dream really means? …

    Horoscopes 2019: Your star sign reveals what turns you on in bed

    By / February 18, 2019

    ASTROLOGERS revealed the sexual preferences of different star signs. Here’s what your horoscope could say about your turn ons.…

    Man MORTIFIED by bizarre thing he witnessed his girlfriend doing immediately after sex

    By / February 11, 2019

    A MAN has spoken candidly about the “weird as f***” thing he caught his girlfriend doing after sex.…

    I am always working towards a future with a London escort.

    By / February 4, 2019

    Making sure that I am able to live my life the way I wanted to live is what I really want to do. But unfortunately my biggest wish is to get married someday and I have been unfortunate when it comes to love. I had almost lost all of my hope when this sexy and beautiful London escort came to me in my time of need. I was not expecting that she and I would have a great connection indeed but I am glad to have been able to stay with her. This particular London escort have been there for me no matter what. That’s why I am planning to date and spend time with this particular lady some more. I know that there’s still so much that I have to learn when it comes to love. I am not even sure whether or not she would totally accept me as a person. I do not know where our relationship might end one day but I am absolutely positive about what the outcome is going to be. I know that this London escort I very kind that’s why I am not sure whether or not she loves me. I am afraid that she might just be being kind to me in order for me not to be hurt. Making her my girlfriend would surely be a challenge but it’s alright. What I want to do is to spend time with this London escort all of the time so that she may live a good and fun life. I know that there might be a lot of people who has the same intentions as me but that are fine. I welcome the challenge of making this London escort mine. She is the girl that is right for me and I am willing to do everything that I can to ensure that we would have a great life together I do not want to be scared when it comes to love anymore. Being with this London escort have made me thing for what I want to do in life and what else I should have done in the past. I have already missed out of a lot of things for staying single for far too long. Being able to spend time with this London escort gives me a lot of pride and meaning in my life. She makes me happy and that is the only thing that I important to me. I know that there’s still so much more that I want it do that’s why I am always working towards my future with her. Even though she and I are not still officially together I am not worried at all. I believe that in time she and I will be able to find out what to do with our lives. I know that there’s still so much that I want to do with this woman that’s why I am working towards my future with her.…

    Men reveal the four words they HATE to hear during sex

    By / February 3, 2019

    DO you struggle with dirty talk? If you say any of these phrases in the bedroom, you’re likely to turn your partner off. …

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