What is the number one fantasy men have?

By / September 23, 2019

Working for London escorts, means that you have to cope with some very interesting situations. This is the first time I am being interviewed as a London escort, but I guess many out there are interested in finding out what it is like to work for a London escorts agency. I really don’t know what to say. Working as an escort in London is the only job I have had apart from a brief spell as a stripper, but I do certainly love my job.

When I tell someone that I work for a London escorts agency, they often look like they don’t believe me. I guess I really don’t look like I should be working for a London escorts agency. Without my makeup and thigh high boots, I guess that I look very much like the girl who lives next door to you. My neighbours don’t suspect that I work for a London escorts agency, and I think that they would be very surprised if they found out.

Most girls who are new to companionship work, are curious to find out more when they start. The most frequent question they ask is what is the most common fantasy that men have. I thought it would be something really kinky when I first joined the company, but that is not the case. It is something rather mundane that you would not associate with men wanting to date companions at all.

So, what is the most common fantasy? The most common fantasy that I have personally come across at London escorts is about men wanting to have kinky sex with the love of their life. For instance, although most men are married, they may have dreams about their first love and the things that they did not get a chance to do with her. Let’s face it, when we are young, we are all rather sexually inexperienced and may not know how to approach the things that we would truly sexually like to do in bed with each other.

I remember when I first started to have sex, it was not as exciting as I had expected it to be. But, that has all changed now. Since I started to work for London escorts, I have become much more open-minded and I have learned how important it is to express yourself sexually and be open about your sexuality. It is not always easy but I do love the fact that I am now much more sexually liberated that I used to be. Thanks to my friends at London escorts, I have learned that it is perfectly okay to live out your dreams in the privacy of your bedroom. I wish that more of us would be able to do so, because I think that it would help to make us less stressed and feel better about ourselves in many ways than just a sexual one…

It was my turn to work this Valentine’s day at North London escorts

By / September 12, 2019

Most of the time we are not very busy at North London escorts on Valentine’s day, and this Valentine’s day was not any different. I only had one date pre-arranged. Luckily it was with one of my favorite gents, and I kept wondering if he was going to bring me a bunch of roses for our date. We had been meeting up for about six months at North London escorts, and I had to admit that I was rather fond of Terry.


He normally used to turn up rather late, and it meant I never finished my North London escorts shift until after midnight. Mind you, as far as dates at North London escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/north-london-escorts go, he was one of the sweetest guys and made sure that I got home safely. As far as I could figure out, Terry was rather wealthy and a date with him always meant a lift home in his nice chauffeur driven car. It was such a treat, and I always put a big smile on my face. As the day started, I realized I was not feeling very well. My throat was hurting but I did not say anything to my drop in gentleman callers at North London escorts. I tried to stay positive, and looked for to 5 o’clock when Terry would be knocking on my North London escorts boudoir door.


To be honest, when 4 pm came around I was feeling terrible and even a bit dizzy. I thought about calling Terry to say that I did could not make our date, but I did not want to let him down. Terry was on time, and when I opened the door, I could actually feel myself sway a little. He looked at me with some concern, and said that he had never seen me look so pale before. It was the worst I had ever felt during my shift at North London escorts, and I knew that I had to sit down. It was clear that something was wrong. I thought that Terry would leave, but instead he picked up his phone and called his private GP. About 20 minutes later, I was in Harley street being gently examined by a private doctor. I was soon diagnosed with tonsillitis, and I sat in Terry’s nice car as he dashed off to get my prescription. I thought that he was going to drive me straight home, but instead I ended up back at his place.


He told me that he was not going to leave me alone, and had instructed his housekeeper to make up one of the spare bedrooms in his house. Despite having dated Terry at North London escorts for some time, I had never been to his home before. It was amazing, and when I recovered from tonsillitis a week later, I just wanted to stay. As a matter of fact, I am still enjoying the ambience of his Orangery today, and the orchid he gave me for Valentine’s day is still going strong. However, my time as an elite escort for a top North London escorts is long gone, and today I am a lady of leisure in Kensington.…

Exclusive areas of Barnes Cray

By / August 5, 2019

Many happy gents date Barnes Cray escorts in https://charlotteaction.org/barnes-cray-escorts every day, and there are escorts services available all over Barnes Cray. Unfortunately, when you search on the Internet, mainly escort services in places like Mayfair and Kensington will come up, and this puts a lot of gents off from coming to Barnes Cray to date.


These are very exclusive areas of Barnes Cray, and you will find that property prices and rental prices are high here. This is just one of the reason why a lot of ladies in these areas charge more for their services. But you mustn’t give up hope, there are other areas as well.


If you would like to date Barnes Cray escorts without having to remortgage your home, you want to take a look at other areas in and around Barnes Cray. There are some great areas of Barnes Cray where you will find fantastic escorts services without having to worry about having to pay high hourly rates.


Barnes Cray ladies and hot babes offer an excellent service in the old East End of Barnes Cray, and many of the services offered here are just as good as many of the other services in West Barnes Cray. If you are into dominance this is a great place to come as you will find some of Barnes Cray best dominatrix services in this area. Many hot and sexy mistresses have set up their services in this part of time, and what they offer in their dungeons is second to none.


Some of Barnes Cray’s top VIPs date in the East End of Barnes Cray just because they can get everything they need here. Some gents just like to enjoy massage services but you also get a lot of other gents who would like to enjoy something a bit more special – that is why they date hot Barnes Cray escorts in the East End.


Other areas such as Chiswick and Shepherds Bush also offer escorts services, and you will find that many ladies in these areas specialize in outcall services. In our next article we will cover the difference between in calls and outcalls as we know that a lot of gents are confused about the terms used.


There is also good accommodation in these two areas of Barnes Cray, and in places like Chiswick, you will find some good bars and restaurants for you to enjoy. Hourly rates are really good, and the Better Sex Guide has heard from local agencies, and it seem that many gents like to meet their ladies over a two-hour date instead of the standard one hour.


As a former escort, this also tells me that a lot of gents are happy with the services they receive in these areas as they would not otherwise arrange for longer dates. Where ever in Barnes Cray you decide to date, you will find that the local escort’s services are great. Many gents just like to come back time and time again.…

Getting him back

By / July 11, 2019

Did you break up with your boyfriend and now desire him back? Do you feel that you will just be losing your time encouraging him to offer your relationship another tries? Are you going to use some techniques to get him back so you can start all over again? London escorts said that making a relationship work involves a lot of effort. In circumstances when fans are unable to make a relationship work the way they want it to be, misunderstandings take place, which can then lead to fights and the relationship is ultimately destroyed. If this has actually happened to your relationship but you still enjoy your person, you can then utilize some techniques to obtain him back and provide your relationship another shot.

Is he used to the idea that you are constantly within his reach whenever he requires you? If yes, then it’s now time to make him miss you. London escorts would like you to avoid seeing him for a couple of days to make him miss you. Even if sends you a text asking where you are, send him a curt response stating that you are hectic doing something else and will run out touch for some time. Let him miss you more. You can utilize this approach as this is one of the reliable tricks to get him back. Do not let him think of you as an easy-to-get kind of person. This is among the techniques to get him back for good. He may anticipate that you will come encountering his arms if he chooses to give the relationship another tries so do not give him that easy satisfaction or he’ll dislike you again. Playing hard-to-get will make him desire you more.

Make your man jealous. If you see him heading your method, ask your guy buddy near you to pretend to be your new fan and see how your man will respond. If you see jealousy in his eyes, then he is still into you. This is among the efficient techniques to obtain him back. London escorts say that there is no guarantee though that this will exercise well with everyone however you can still provide it a try. If you are thinking of utilizing techniques to get him back, you can utilize the reverse psychology technique that everyone recognizes with. Approach your person and ask him if you can talk. If he says yes, then you can utilize the reverse psychology method in order to know if he is still willing to give your relationship another try. You can inform him that he is the only guy who made you feel special and the time you spent together was something worth keeping. Nevertheless, if he is not interested to begin all over once again, then you will set him complimentary and end things for good. Observe his reaction and then leave right now to let him believe.…

Sex can be such an exciting experience especially when done in a proper way with each partner fulfilling his/her fantasies.

By / June 19, 2019

Good sex should be memorable. If you want to go crazy between the sheets, then consider hardcore sex. You will experience all the fantasies that you desire. However, there are a number of things that you need to do as an adult in order to achieve this. Things that will make you discover amazing kinks about each other as you get wild and nasty in bed to achieve maximum sexual satisfaction. To begin with, try to caress the entire body of your adult partner according to Tottenham court road escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/tottenham-court-road-escorts. There are sensitive spots that you need to discover. The best way of doing this is making sure that you touch every part. One that causes sexual arousal, making your partner scream even before you hit her pussy, is the spot to dwell one. Touch it gently as you rub with pleasure. You should also kiss your adult partner’s unusual areas. Many people concentrate on lips and this can be monotonous. You need to explore the other body parts such as the back of her ear, her sexy and yummy thighs as well as her juicy and succulent boobs. You need to take you time and kiss her thoroughly until she is thrown into the world of fantasy. The point here is to try things that you have never done before. You will be surprised by the way she will express her enjoyment in the romping session according to Tottenham court road escorts. You should also consider licking your partner’s teats. These are very sensitive spots in both men and women. They cause instant arousal. Lick and suck them to the maximum until both of you feel excellent pleasure. You should also try sucking your partner’s dick. Try to swallow it until it is almost completely in your mouth. This alone will drive you crazy. Spit on it to moisten it as you make the whole session look nasty. This works the magic. Try to adjust to different positions and styles while doing sex. One style alone can be boring. If you are a lady, open your legs wider as you utter those sweet sex-alluring words like ’fuck me baby’. This alone will increase your man’s sex drive according to Tottenham court road escorts. Be sure that he will hit your pussy harder for maximum sexual satisfaction. Vary your pumping speed when fucking her. Begin slowly as you stimulate her. Then start to increase your speed of pumping until she is about to achieve her organism. Speak into her ear and tell her how sweet she is. Intensify your pumping until she begins to moan loudly out of excitement and pleasure. The above tips will surely help you to discover new things in your partner as you become wild and nasty to achieve sexual fantasy. This will guarantee maximum sexual satisfaction with your adult partner.…

Escorts Making A Good Career.

By / March 15, 2019

Do you work for a London escorts service? If you are new to London escorts, or do not feel that you are getting everything that you should out of your career, you may be interested to know how you can make some extra cash. If you play your cards right, you can even double your profit. There is not really such a thing as a step by step guide on how you can make extra cash at charlotte London escorts. Most of the time, it is the sort of thing that you pick up when you are actually on the job and learn from other girls at London escorts.

When I first got involved with companion dating, I did not know that there were so many different ways to make money at the agency I was working for at the time. It was not until one the senior girls at work told me how to do it that I realised that I may be able to make some extra cash. She told me that she made a lot of money by selling of some of the gifts that she got from her clients at the escort agency. Of course, she did not sell of all of the gifts. To make the most of it, she hung onto things like jewelry.

It is all about being savvy when it comes down to it. When I first started out I did not think about talking about myself. I soon learned that many of the London escorts that I worked talk about themselves and tell their dates what they liked. For instance, one of the girls at this particular London escorts told all of her dates that she liked handbags. As a result, she ended up getting a lot of handbags as tips. Some of them were designer handbags. When the gent stopped dating her, she sold her handbags off and made extra money that way.

I have tried it, and to be fair, it does actually work. You have to sort of learn to spot the right gent at London escorts. Some gentlemen that I date, I tell a bout my love for handbags. I make sure that I always have a nice handbag around the place. There may not be anything in it. It just hangs there to give the guy a hint of what sort of bag that I like. I do the same thing like my friend used to do, and sell my designer handbags when I don’t date that client anymore.

The same thing goes for jewelry. Some of the girls at the London escorts that I work for now sell their jewelry as soon as they receive it. I don’t do that. Instead I have all of the jewelry that I receive valued and then I put it away. If I know that I have a date with a guy who has given me a piece of jewelry, I make sure that I wear the item he has given me. When I finally end my London escorts career, I am going to check out what I have got in my jewelry box and sell the items that I don’t want any more. That is another smart way to make a money when you work for a London escorts. I am sure that many of my friends at London escorts also have other ideas.…

I am always working towards a future with a London escort.

By / February 4, 2019

Making sure that I am able to live my life the way I wanted to live is what I really want to do. But unfortunately my biggest wish is to get married someday and I have been unfortunate when it comes to love. I had almost lost all of my hope when this sexy and beautiful London escort came to me in my time of need. I was not expecting that she and I would have a great connection indeed but I am glad to have been able to stay with her. This particular London escort have been there for me no matter what. That’s why I am planning to date and spend time with this particular lady some more. I know that there’s still so much that I have to learn when it comes to love. I am not even sure whether or not she would totally accept me as a person. I do not know where our relationship might end one day but I am absolutely positive about what the outcome is going to be. I know that this London escort I very kind that’s why I am not sure whether or not she loves me. I am afraid that she might just be being kind to me in order for me not to be hurt. Making her my girlfriend would surely be a challenge but it’s alright. What I want to do is to spend time with this London escort all of the time so that she may live a good and fun life. I know that there might be a lot of people who has the same intentions as me but that are fine. I welcome the challenge of making this London escort mine. She is the girl that is right for me and I am willing to do everything that I can to ensure that we would have a great life together I do not want to be scared when it comes to love anymore. Being with this London escort have made me thing for what I want to do in life and what else I should have done in the past. I have already missed out of a lot of things for staying single for far too long. Being able to spend time with this London escort gives me a lot of pride and meaning in my life. She makes me happy and that is the only thing that I important to me. I know that there’s still so much more that I want it do that’s why I am always working towards my future with her. Even though she and I are not still officially together I am not worried at all. I believe that in time she and I will be able to find out what to do with our lives. I know that there’s still so much that I want to do with this woman that’s why I am working towards my future with her.…

Getting Laid and Having a Pleasurable Night with a Professional Escort

By / October 10, 2018

Having an enjoyable night with professional London escorts can be a memorable experience. Professional escort services enhance sex drive because escorts are highly passionate about eroticism and they have extensive experience with different sex positions, foreplay, etc. Sex escort services ensure fabulous sexual pleasure being the solution for people looking for sex without any emotional expectations. You are basically guaranteed to end your night in a sheer ecstasy because their primary objective is making you happy. Below is a guide on how you can get laid with an escort and have a pleasurable night.

Try different sex styles

Professional escorts know what their client wants and what will go well with them. Try new sex positions and postures. These escorts know where to touch you or not to touch, however, you should make your likes and dislikes known to ensure a happy experience.


Massaging an escort gains her trust of your touch and also makes her relax. Let everything occur slowly by anticipating every progression of passion. This is a slow pace seduction that drives her crazy leading her to want more. Always remember that the desires of a person can be altered depending on their mood. Initiate your escort services by giving an escort a perfect relaxing massage without touching his or private parts right away. Additionally, gently kiss various parts of her body to explore what she likes most. With no doubt, she will get in a great mood thus fulfilling your desires perfectly and you will get maximum pressure.

Be Interactive

If you act nicely to an escort, she will reciprocate the love and eventually, both of you will end up getting satisfied. However, being nice is a principle that everyone should follow. Good things will always happen to you when you are a friendly and respectful person. Also, you will have a chance to suggest your preferred sex styles and also consult her about what she likes most. Due to this, in the end, you will experience the best memorable moment of your life because you will also be showing her how caring you are and that you are not a selfish customer.


Kiss her chest, nipples, over to one hip bone, the other and down along the treasure trail. As you make this slow seductive trail, you will be building up anticipation as the random kisses keep nerves on higher alerts as her or his body is trying to figure out the next action. Instead of always touching her erogenous parts, create a slow burn with romantic kisses.…

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