Escorts Making A Good Career.

Do you work for a London escorts service? If you are new to London escorts, or do not feel that you are getting everything that you should out of your career, you may be interested to know how you can make some extra cash. If you play your cards right, you can even double your profit. There is not really such a thing as a step by step guide on how you can make extra cash at charlotte London escorts. Most of the time, it is the sort of thing that you pick up when you are actually on the job and learn from other girls at London escorts.

When I first got involved with companion dating, I did not know that there were so many different ways to make money at the agency I was working for at the time. It was not until one the senior girls at work told me how to do it that I realised that I may be able to make some extra cash. She told me that she made a lot of money by selling of some of the gifts that she got from her clients at the escort agency. Of course, she did not sell of all of the gifts. To make the most of it, she hung onto things like jewelry.

It is all about being savvy when it comes down to it. When I first started out I did not think about talking about myself. I soon learned that many of the London escorts that I worked talk about themselves and tell their dates what they liked. For instance, one of the girls at this particular London escorts told all of her dates that she liked handbags. As a result, she ended up getting a lot of handbags as tips. Some of them were designer handbags. When the gent stopped dating her, she sold her handbags off and made extra money that way.

I have tried it, and to be fair, it does actually work. You have to sort of learn to spot the right gent at London escorts. Some gentlemen that I date, I tell a bout my love for handbags. I make sure that I always have a nice handbag around the place. There may not be anything in it. It just hangs there to give the guy a hint of what sort of bag that I like. I do the same thing like my friend used to do, and sell my designer handbags when I don’t date that client anymore.

The same thing goes for jewelry. Some of the girls at the London escorts that I work for now sell their jewelry as soon as they receive it. I don’t do that. Instead I have all of the jewelry that I receive valued and then I put it away. If I know that I have a date with a guy who has given me a piece of jewelry, I make sure that I wear the item he has given me. When I finally end my London escorts career, I am going to check out what I have got in my jewelry box and sell the items that I don’t want any more. That is another smart way to make a money when you work for a London escorts. I am sure that many of my friends at London escorts also have other ideas.

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